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General Rules

Competitors are expected to be professional and honest when competing. Real sportsmen may have an intense desire to win, but not at all costs. Abusive language, aggressive behaviour or retaliation will not be tolerated and may result in a permanent ban. If you are upset about something, walk away from your rig for 10 minutes and then come back.

All drivers are expected to attend all rounds unless dire circumstances - We want this to be a top tier league, so we will work to do this with your involvement.

Points system

Points are awarded in the same manner as the official British touring Car Championship.
Single bonus points are awarded for the fastest lap during races. In the event of a tie for the championship, a countback will be applied for highest positions, so that the highest scoring average results will reveal the winner.

When defending your position you are allowed 1 move. Weaving or changing your line more than once is not allowed and is considered reckless driving.

If your pass attempt goes badly wrong or you simply make a big mistake and hit your opponent causing him to spin or leave the track, that is considered a punt and you will be penalised for it after the race. After a punt or an unfair pass drivers are encouraged to give back the position/s as soon as it is SAFE to do so. Any penalty is likely to be less severe if the position is given back fairly and safely.

Track Limits
Drivers must not leave the track and gain an advantage. The white lines defining the track edges are considered part of the track, but the kerbs, AstroTurf and run-off areas are not.Should a car leave the track the driver may only rejoin when it is safe to do so, with the track clear and without gaining any advantage or hindering any other driver.

Disconnections from the game and game crashes are considered mechanical failures.The procedure is as follows.
Qualifying: A competitor is allowed to return to the session if they are able to.Before the Race: If rejoining in time for the race is not possible or the DC occurs while loading into the race session, the session will be restarted if over 50% of the competitors have a connection failure. During Race: Any disconnects will result in a DNF

- Teams may consist of 3 drivers per team, you cannot race for multiple teams.
Liveries - ALL cars are to run ANY livery. Teams can submit their own work OR can contact Lux Peklaj/Michael Bourn who will be able to design one at a £10 fee. Please Note: For the pre season tests these are not a requirement.
Live Streaming/Broadcasting - You are more than welcome to record your onboard footage of the race, however no driver is allowed to livestream the event without explicit permission from the admins.

Stewarding - Drivers stewards are: Ian Hopkins and Nicol Foggie and Chris Fox. all appeals/protests must be submitted in the appeals forum - Penalties are subject to steward decisions, but can include; Drive Through/Start from Back of Grid/Time Penalty/Suspension/Ban.

Race Format - A race weekend will consist of;
2 x Free Practice sessions of 40 minutes
1 x Qualifying session of 30 minutes
2 x 14 Lap races - 1st Standing order, 2nd rolling start reverse grid (13+1)
A race will allow pit stops for TYRES ONLY, however no fuel is to be taken onboard.

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