In defense of Tom Brown's claim

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In defense of Tom Brown's claim Empty In defense of Tom Brown's claim

Post by JDCURLY on Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:06 pm

Tom I wouldn't say I turned in with 'no' regard for the car along side. In fact I was turning in with every regard. I had Foggie to my left, Dominic directly in my mirror and yourself to my right.

I had got off the line a lot faster than you and I had half a car length on you as I begin turning in. As you will see from the video I cannot veer to the left due to foggie being there, I can't break to heavily due to Dominic and the risk of him going into the back off me and so all I can do is try to take a line into the apex as best I can without causing havok.

I am not saying you had no right to go on the inside but to say I turned in with no consideration is completely wrong.



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